7 reasons to hire a ghostwrite

With our job we have the possibility to change people’s lives

We write books, yes, but we launch careers. We help to emerge authors who did not have the strength (or the time) to do it alone, we help to consolidate the success of those who have the ideas but not the words to tell them.

However, almost everyone, before engaging our team of writers and waiting for 30 days for the delivery of the finished text, experienced the doubt of doubts:

“What if it’s nonsense? If it was a waste of money? After all, what does it take to write a book? “

Well. Close this page and go to write your book.

Ah, you’re back.
Great. Here are seven more reasons why hiring a ghostwriter is a great idea.

1 – Books are a business.
This has been confirmed for half a millennium, more or less, from the movable type printing to the present day. The books are sold. One lives by writing. We do it, for example.

Who doesn’t sell and who doesn’t live there, maybe, is because he doesn’t have a good book in his hand (or he doesn’t know how to write better ones).

2 – Engaging Ghostwriter Studio assumes three Ghostwriters (for the price of three Ghostwriters).
And why shouldn’t I hire one ?, you’re wondering.
Because one in only thirty days does not even give you the preface. One who writes alone as a madman to give you 50,000 words without support / comfort / confrontation / confrontation of others, experiences the classic Seat Marbella syndrome (the car, you know?): He leaves the assembly line convinced that if they put him a name that ends with Bella will be a reason. Then, once outside, he discovers he is a Panda.

3 – Your time is precious. Enjoy it.
If you are not a writer by profession, it means that to direct the shack you do not spill blood on blank pages, but you do it perhaps on budgets, in classrooms, soccer fields, stages, etc. All the time you intend to use to write your new book, therefore, is time taken away from what you do all this for: the rest of your life.
And if, in the end, the product was poor? If I had wasted even the little you have left to stay at home, at home, to rest?

4 – Our words are the right ones.
We will write the best book that can be written, that’s for sure. But we will write – more than anything else – a credible product: we will dig inside you, into the bowels of the story, to extract the juice of the speech you wanted. We will make it nectar, we will tame it in a palatable package, ready to feed it to the public scene.
As you would have done, only better.

To do this – to create an attractive product for the market – no will counts. Telling stories is a question of HOW, not WHAT. Imagine building a bridge that connects two islands: would you rely on technique or will power?

5 – Your book, in twelve months, could be worth ten times the investment.
Having a good book is a necessary condition to be taken into consideration by a publisher. But it is not the only one. It depends on you, what you do, who you are from. Publishers – the natural but not unique outlet of our work – do not buy books, but their authors. They only invest in those who are certain that they will be able to navigate with a solid product among the whims of the public, investors, presentations, agents, media and social media.

If you have spent the last four years of your life holed up in your studio to compose a mediocre product, you will hardly have the freedom (economic, social, emotional) to be able to face a change of life. Even more difficult you will be able to keep up with market trends (who writes, you know, does not read). You will not add any value, therefore, to the company that will have to take your text into consideration.
We are here for this: we give you the time and the material to prepare you for your new adventure.

6 – This book will be yours. Forever. And it will be a great book.
Whatever happens, you will have in your pocket a few hundred pages that will work for you and with you (even without you) to build a unique and prestigious public image, which at the moment can boast a few hundred people in Italy.

7 – We are good.