Look, did you really need other ghostwriters?

We are NOT OTHER ghostwriters. We are I ghostwriter. We are not the last to arrive, we are the ones who have occupied the market for years. We have only decided to put ourselves together in a network, expanding the boundaries of our desks.

Don’t you just make ends meet?

We landed it, all right. Indeed, to share together the gains are shared.

And why do you do it then?

Because together we can write better books. Because together we can write books that alone were not possible. Especially if you have a bastard deadline like ours: 80 thousand words in a month.

Why just a month?

It is the maximum physically and spiritually that it is possible to request from a human being. In history, books have been written in less time, but all in extraordinary phases of the authors’ life, not as a normal condition of existence.

If it is so bastard (and if you always complain) who makes you do it?
We work for people who need these delivery times. And above all, with THIS quality. And then we don’t complain, we repeat it often because it is our pride. We carry it in our chest like a medal.

If writing in two doubles the quality of a book and halves the time, why did Hemingway and Roth never write together?
Why did Hemingway die before Roth published his first book?

Oh well, it was an example.
Because to work in two or three you need humility, you need patience, you need resistance. Three qualities that writers usually lack.

Not (just) because they are horrible people. It is one of the survival instincts of the trade: when you dive into the sea of ​​fiction, you can’t talk. Or drowns.
Writers are narcissists, self-centered, solipsists, anything but linear. It is a necessary protection from the outside world and its threats: either you do so or you risk throwing away every day everything you wrote that day.

So how do you do it?

We looked for each other, we found each other.
It was not like forming any work team: there is a huge talent scouting job behind. You need the right combination of minds and physicists (in addition to the quality of the pens) or the results are bad. In the best case, the delivery is not respected, and we are forced to return the compensation (delivering shit works is not granted to us). In the worst case it ends up on the hands.